Thursday, February 7, 2013

The beginning of the end...

From the start, Landry's been a co-sleeping champion. Since the first night that he was out of NICU, he's been sleeping next to Ryan and I almost every night. There was my birthday in 2011 that my mom and step-dad watched the kids overnight so Ryan and I could go out on one of those fabled date things. The other time was the two nights I spent in Iowa with my family.

As I started taking medication again last week, Landry got weaned cold turkey after 596 days (I used an app to figure that out because I really wanted to know how long we'd made it). The main reason he was still sleeping with us was that he was still waking up at night to nurse. Secondly, we still haven't really gotten around to getting replacement parts for his crib. (The fact they made four moves intact is amazing... unfortunately, the move to Garland was move five).

Yesterday, I made up the crib mattress and slid it under Ryli's bed for the day. When Landry was showing signs that he wanted to sleep, I pulled out the mattress and sat on the floor, rubbing his back as he drifted off. Once again, he slept the night through. 

So, my baby's growing up. Bittersweet, but true.

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