Sunday, February 17, 2013

Huffines Park with The Mippies plus Meemaw

So today, after Ryan finished his shift at work, we went out to the park on this beautiful, if windy, day. Before we left, Ryan called his mom to see if she wanted to meet us, so that was settled. 

The trek out to Richardson was uneventful. Somehow, we got the kids to hold our hands long enough to cross the parking lot. As soon as we hit the grass, they were off like little torpedoes. Ryli made a beeline for the climbing wall, Landry, the doubled slides. The playground was a very busy, very windy place. Picnickers were grilling away, and a pair of moms were wandering around selling Girl Scout cookies (unfortunately for them, I had no money on me). 

Ryan's mom showed up and was greeted by cries of "Meemaw" and hugs, then abandoned so that the kids could resume running around like lunatics. Ryli climbed things she hadn't quite been able to before. Landry still doesn't really care for swings.  All and all, it was a blast.

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