Saturday, February 2, 2013

February's Mama's Mission of the Month

And here it is... my mission for the short, birthday and Valentine's Day laden month of February. Here's to a much calmer month than last month, and definitely healthier!


  • Take my medication(s) and chart moods (I use the free version of Mood Tracker)
  • Finish making (and keeping) doctor and dental appointments
  • Journal regularly... the old fashioned, pen and journal way!!
  • Rough routine for Ryan and I
  • At least one date night... sans kids!


  • Chore Chart for Ryli (starting on 2/4)
  • Check ups for Landry & Ryli
  • Work on a routine with them

  • Teach Ryli how to use a computer and start her on ABC mouse
  • Read 8 chapters of Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling

  • Make a meal plan and STICK TO IT!!
  • Make a budget and get us back on track
  • Do Fly Lady (start it up 2/4)

  • DFW Cloth Diaper Group
  • Call Grandma more
  • Look into local playgroups/Meet-Ups
Blog/Online Activity:

  • Blog a minimum of five times per week
  • Come up with planner until I can get one printed

  • Read some Bible daily

That's it for the month. I do have a feeling that this month will be a lot better than last month. Now, I have a house to clean and a two year old to get ready for her early third birthday party! 

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