Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sand in the sandbox...

and two little kids who have only gone inside a handful of times to potty, get a fresh diaper, or to gobble down peanut butter sandwiches in record time. Oh, and Ryli did get into the fridge to get soy sauce for her sandwich (I humored her and faked pouring some on). 

This time last year, we'd have already been back indoors, all hot and sweaty (and more than likely a tad grouchy). Mother Nature has certainly been a bit of a prankster this year. Seventies for highs in May in Texas? It beats it being too cold to go out (that was last week). Or the snow in other places. 

They have played for brief periods elsewhere in the yard. We planted a postcard of wild flowers in the corner of the fence where it drains well and gets plenty of sun. 

So here I sit in my outdoor throne, watching as they now take turns pushing one another around in the Cozy Coupes, blogging and writing out a list of to-do's. And let's face it, I'm wishing I got more of my stuff done inside, because eventually, I'm going to have to take (actually, carry) their little rears in the house to do Landry's nap and the work that I'm currently TOTALLY procrastinating on. I would much rather sit out here, where Ryli and Landry can run and play and there really isn't a lot of clean up other then the mud and dirt encrusted kids. 

So help me, I'm checking tomorrow's weather prediction. I foresee myself getting up extra early so if tomorrow duplicates today, I can enjoy this fully and not worry about what I have to do.