Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mama's Mission of the Month January Recap

So, as I was saying last night, January was one hot mess for me. In some areas of Mama's Mission of the Month, I didn't do too bad. In others, I was awful. Here's the outcome:

  • Keep all counseling appointments and make more as needed
  • Make doctor and dental appointments.
  • Call G'ma every day (I started this one on the 31st)  Only got it done about 1/2 of the time
  • Routine for Mommy and Daddy (we SO need some us time)
  • Work on communication.
  • Routine for Ryli and Landry for the sanity of all those involved!
  • Landry back in cloth by January 7 (I took the holidays off and I have HATED it)
  • Landry sleeping by himself... in his own bed.
  • Read Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling (finish at least half of it)
  • Start gathering materials to start out.
  • Routines for all (even Zeke and Katy, our fur babies)
  • Consolidate, organize, and/or get rid of everything!   Started... and still going strong
  • Start Fly Lady (for real, this time)
  • Get back into DFW Cloth Diaper Group and all it entails.
  • Go to lunch with Mom, Alan, Corey, Annie and Brynn... I can't wait!!!
Blog/Online Activity:
  • Blog consistently (20/30 on Mippy Manor and Mippy Mommy)
  • Print out blog planners
  • Read my followed blogs DAILY! (when I get up sounds like a good plan)
  • Mama's Mission of the Month ALL year! That's twelve of these bad boy posts... and hopefully as many "Mission Accomplished" posts!  One month down, eleven to go!!!
  • Mama needs to schedule some weekly down time... preferably, solo!!  Really should have stated to do something other than going to run errands or go to appointments... oops!!!
  • Start Fly Lady

As you can imagine, I am not entirely thrilled with myself after the month was said and done, but this is progress I'm going for, not instant perfection. Heck, I think a month that went that "perfectly" would be a little dull. Don't get me wrong, I don't like stomach bugs that run laps through my house, nor backs that become strained, but stuff does go wrong. Things that aren't planned keep you on your toes and usually teach you something.

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