Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello there, 2013!

And, without further ado, I think it is time to delve into Mama's Mission of the Month for this, the first month of what I hope is a much better year than the one we recently closed the books on! For some background, here is the story behind the creation of Mama's Mission of the Month. I have already shown myself sufficiently that it really does work, and my mood sure is better when I blog.
For at least the first few months of the year, I'll be using the printable with the labels already filled in: Personal, Marriage, Parenting, Homeschooling, Homemaking, Friends/Family/Ministry, Blog/ Online Activity, and the wonderful catch all of Miscellaneous. I figure that that is plenty to get me started. If I need to toss any of the groups or add some more categories, I'll just tackle that when the time comes. For now, I think that I'm pretty well set.
  • Keep all counseling appointments and make more as needed
  • Make doctor and dental appointments.
  • Call G'ma every day (I started this one on the 31st)
  • Routine for Mommy and Daddy (we SO need some us time)
  • Work on communication.
  • Routine for Ryli and Landry for the sanity of all those involved!
  • Landry back in cloth by January 7 (I took the holidays off and I have HATED it)
  • Landry sleeping by himself... in his own bed.
  • Read Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling  (finish at least half of it)
  • Start gathering materials to start out.
  • Routines for all (even Zeke and Katy, our fur babies)
  • Consolidate, organize, and/or get rid of everything!
  • Start FlyLady (for real, this time)
  • Get back into DFW Cloth Diaper Group and all it entails.
  • Go to lunch with Mom, Alan, Corey, Annie and Brynn... I can't wait!!!
Blog/Online Activity:
  • Blog consistently (20/30 on Mippy Manor and Mippy Mommy)
  • Print out blog planners
  • Read my followed blogs DAILY! (when I get up sounds like a good plan)
  • Mama's Mission of the Month ALL year! That's twelve of these bad boy posts... and hopefully as many "Mission Accomplished" posts!
  • Mama needs to schedule some weekly down time... preferably, solo!!
  • Start FlyLady

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